Variable Drawings.

Another Set of my recent series of variable drawings.

VD1610III, 2016, Spraypaint on ceramic tiles, 74x60 cm


Miniscules - an international group show about small scale paintings and objects, curated by Wilma Vissers

The catalog can be found here:

Kyushu II, 2016, acrylic marker and artist pen on rubber, 10x16 cm

"Printage" - Group exhibition by frontviews at Kunstquartier Bethanien

Untitled, inkjet on 2 layers tracing paper in each frame, A4, 2016. Each side is printed with one color. So a frame shows an addition of 4 colors. All not straight in the center, as a product of the process of printing. So on the edges you can see a range of other colors.


Summer 2016

Summer 2016

I had a productive summer. Color came back. These little paintings on rubber were made for "Minuscules", a group exhibition in the Netherlands, curated by Wilma Vissers at Gallery Badweg 3.

Kyushu II, 2016, Acrylic marker and artist pen on rubber, 10 x 16 cm

Kyushu I, 2016, Acrylic marker and artist pen on rubber, 10 x 16 cm


Then I made new prints for "Printage", another group exhibition made by Frontviews e.V. at Bethanien / Berlin. More informations you find here.

And finally lines. From here to there.